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Andrea Rosenhaft

Andrea RosenhaftAndrea Rosenhaft is based in Westchester, New Yotk. She is a mental health advocate with lived experience who fights stigma by putting her story out there. She is a writer and blogger. Andrea is also an experienced clinician, and she teaches at the college level, educating students who are interested in a career in the mental health field.

Andrea was diagnosed in her late 20s with anorexia, depression, and borderline personality disorder. Her journey to recovery, which took over 3 decades entailed over 20 psychiatric hospitalizations, thousands of individual therapy sessions, and multiple medication trials. Along the way, Andrea struggled with self-harm, suicide attempts and depression with psychotic features.

Today, she is thriving. She is a licensed clinical social worker, helping others much in the way others once helped her. She is also a writer and blogger about mental health and recovery. Her work has been published in literary journals and online magazines such as Well + Good, Good Housekeeping, and Health. Her blog, "From Both Sides of the Couch," which is posted on the website of Psychology Today, has surpassed 1.3 million views. Andrea is an adjunct faculty member at The College of Westchester, teaching "Introduction to Counseling." Andrea lives with her rescue dog, Shelby.

In her spare time, Andrea is writing a memoir. She is an avid reader of non-fiction and loves to attend literary readings at a local writing center. One of these days, she'll make it to a yoga class.

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